Before sending your machines to us for service you may consult our manuals if you wan´t to assemble and repair your machine yourself.

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If you want our help with service please read this and fill out the order form to guide you through the service process.

How it works
Once we receive the machine(s) we will quote you the total cost by e-mail and a payment form will be sent to you with the payment options credit card or bank transfer. We will quote you for the parts and labor required to restore the machine to satisfying condition plus shipping. The parts cost is the same as in our web shop and the reparation fee is max €15. When the payment has been completed we will repair the machine and return it usually within two days after the payment has cleared. Shipping is done with registered mail and takes between 4-7 work days depending on your location. If you choose to decline the payment for any reason and cancelling the service order we will return the machine in its current condition. In this case the shipping cost ( max €20 ) must be paid for before dispatch. Warranty machines do not require any payment.

Service order form

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