Scorpion X2 For NEO-Cartridges

Scorpion X2 For NEO-Cartridges

More Powerful than its predecessor. For use with Neo-Cartridges or Regular Cartridges. Can be converted back and forth within a couple of minutes.

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Upgraded to the core with a newly developed Swiss motor for outstanding performance and durability. Pushing the already proven design to further heights with LED illumination that indicates the status of the machine and more powerful drive magnets for even faster saturation. All critical components and several materials have been revised for better performance and reliability without compromise. Can be converted for Neo or regular cartridges and several grip options are available including disposables and one piece grips for regular cartridges.
All necessary parts and tools are included in this version to convert. Instructions how to convert is provided in the manual under this products download page.

Neo cartridges are leak proof and not relying on a membrane, with the magnetic drive system they are easy on the skin and therefore promotes a good healing process. Designed for the best possible hygiene and precision.

Included in the box

1pcs Scorpion X2 tattoo machine with aluminium grip of choice.
1pcs Drive magnet Standard (Black).
1pcs Drive magnet Soft (Blue).
1pcs Tool kit No.90
1pcs Conversion kit No.110
1pcs Needle stand. 4 needles can be placed on this stand. Add extra stand if more needles are used.
1pcs Oil.

  • Extremely low vibrations
  • Smooth non-contact magnetic drive
  • Minimal skin damage
  • Fast saturation
  • Very high durability
  • Exchangeable drive magnets for soft or hard hit
  • Excellent cross contamination safety
  • Works with regular power supplies 0-12V
  • Wireless Ready
  • Disposable grips available
  • Integrated status light
  • Bayonet mounted grips

Input voltage: 0 - 12 volt DC (max. 12 volt DC)

Power connections: Powerpack or RCA / Clip cord

Rpm range Stitches / sec: 0 - 8 000 rpm / min 0 - 130 / sec

Stroke length: 3.7 mm

Needle adjustment: 3.7 mm

Machine diam: Ø22 mm

Max. needle size: 27 magnum

Weight: 120 grams with 22mm Alu grip

Wireless Ready: Yes

Dimensions ØxL: Ø22 x 117 mm


The TPS-500 X2 is our Third gen wireless power supply.



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